Creating passive income in Crypto


reating passive income is a often mentioned desire from our audience. Crypto brings a vast amount of new opportunities to be able to achieve this. 

Creating passive income in Crypto - BitBook video series 232

In this video we discuss our experience with creating a passive income.  At our Blog; Hubsterdam, we have seen a huge growth by leveraging a Blog. The Blog is a content website where we are helping people with a specific topic. Initially this was made for Dutch Sales people to become more successful. When the Blockchain boom happend, I was already working for KuCoin Exchange. It became evident for me in that time, due to the amount of questions that I kept receiving, that we should help people with making more money with Crypto.

Although we were successful with the Sales content, the amount of growth we had once we switched to Crypto was gigantic. Leveraging affiliate models works if you have enough volume of visitors but also the right type of visitors (your target audience). I cannot stretch enough that the content that you should make needs to be made for that audience and provide real value. 


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