Explore the world and earn passive rewards.

Travel Platform

BitBook is the travel platform where people can book accommodation and earn tokens in the process:

  • Providing a passive income to users that create and share travel content.
  • Built with a focus on scalable growth where everyone benefits.
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Token Symbol: BBT
Hardcap: $5.600.000
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Revolutionary token adoption and growth strategy

Our mission is to enable more people experience the world, creating a self-sustainable and autonomous digital economy.

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How will BitBook grow?

Attracting people

BitBook will have a monthly reward pool that will provide tokens for content creators and influencers. By doing this, the token economy will incentivize these users to attract visitors to the website. More visitors will result in greater adoption of the platform and token. And in turn, greater adoption will increase the value of the token, increasing the incentive to produce more content.


Adoption of the platform

BitBook will have a monthly reward pool that will provide tokens for users that booked accommodation. By doing this, the token economy will incentivize adoption of the platform. More bookings will result in higher value of the token. And in turn, higher value of the token will attract more people, driving more bookings.

Attract visitors through
relevant content, made
by our community
Convert website
visitors to
registered users
Close customers by
rewarding them to
book their travel
Delight our community
and turn them into
BitBook promoters
BitBook Reward Program
Best value for booking

BitBook Reward Program

The BitBook platform will have a 20 year long monthly vesting schedule of its tokens to reward our users.


Attracting traffic

BitBook rewards content creators for attracting traffic to the site. Content creators earn tokens when they create quality travel content. Every piece of content will be pre-approved to ensure good quality and avoid duplication as well as inappropriate content.


Growing the community

BitBook rewards content creators and influencers for growing the community, they will be attributed to every NEW user that they bring onboard, and rewarded with passive income of tokens every month this user is active in the future.


Traveling and sharing your experience

BitBook rewards tokens to users that book through the BitBook platform and share their experience with the accommodation provider.

BitBook Token

BitBook IEO


All programs have a 20 year long monthly vesting scheme

Token Allocation
Token Symbol     BBT
Sale start     31/05/2021
Sale end     04/06/2021
Total supply at end of IEO     400.000.000
Circulating supply at end of IEO   400.000.000
monthly inflation for 20 years   2.500.000
Total Max Supply (after 20 years)
Private Sale 50.000.000
Main IEO sale 350.000.000
Soft Cap 600K USD
Hard Cap 5.6 million USD
Price per BBT $0,014285714

Token Distribution


Total Tokens 100,00%
Open Market 100%
Employee Program 0%
Reward Program 0%
R&D Program 0%
BitBook after ICO

Token Distribution

After 20 years

Total Tokens 100,00%
Open Market 40%
Employee Program 15%
Reward Program 25%
R&D Program 20%
after 20 years

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